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      E-Commerce & Merchant Accounts

E-Commerce involves the buying and selling of products and services over the internet. It requires instant order processing with credit card transactions. It is critical for Internet/mail/phone order merchants to accept credit cards online as it is the major payment option for any consumer purchase.

Creative Advertising and Consulting Merchant Accounts

With the great advances in technology, merchants can allow their customers to purchase goods with the click of a mouse or a simple phone call with our numerous payment solutions available.

Online credit card processing is slightly different than a physical brick and mortar storefront that utilizes a "swipe" card machine and processes transactions in person. If you have an existing merchant account, check with your bank or finanancial institution to verify that it is set up to process "online" credit card transactions. It must utilize a "Gateway" service such as

There are three ways to offer order/payment options via the internet:   

1) Online Form/E-mail Submit
Low cost solution!
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Consumers fill out an online form and submit. The form is transferred via standard e-mail to you the business owner. The business owner can, 1) Call to ask for a credit card number over the phone and manually process with your regular brick and mortar merchant account, or 2) Have the consumer send you a check, when the check clears, then process and ship the order.  

2) PayPal© Account *
Low cost solution! *Note: Some processing fees may apply for certain PayPal merchant features.
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  CACIn using PayPal, the consumer sets up an account with the PayPal service and the business owner sets up an account with the PayPal service. CAC adds links on your website that when the consumer submits an order, it will direct the consumer to the PayPal interface. PayPal transfers the payment from the consumers account into the business owners account. The business owner then processes and ships the order. CAC

3) Online Shopping Cart *
*SSL Fees, Merchant Account and Gateway fees are required.
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An online shopping cart requires pre-planning of your product line and online marketing intentions. For secure transactions, an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is required. Also required, is a Merchant Account set up for ONLINE transactions, and a Gateway interface such as Licensing fees and/or a monthly shopping cart service fee, and the building of the cart itself is an added cost.


Online Merchant Account *
*Required for an Online Shopping Cart
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  A merchant account for specific internet/online transactions is different than a "swipe"card used with in-person shopping transactions. Check with your local bank or financial institution for fees regarding the type of plan you choose. See link below to learn more about CAC supported online Merchant Accounts or to set-up a new merchant account.  

CAC Merchant Accounts

Click here for Merchant Account Information & Setup!

PAY FOR PLAY Merchant Account Plan
A Pay for Play merchant account is ideal for small merchants that want the ability to accept credit cards, but process only a few credit card payments each month.

SELECT Merchant Account Plan
A Select plan is the perfect solution for the merchant that is on its way to a professional merchant account, but not quite there yet.

PRO Merchant Account Plan
A Pro plan is a full-fledged merchant account for merchants with higher processing volume. An excellent choice for virtually any type of business.


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