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Building and maintaining a successful organization requires the right people performing the right jobs to the best of their ability. Through our employment testing services, ABC can help companies determine if an employee is right for the position. Testing can also determine if present employees are performing jobs for which they are best suited.

ABC can help employers develop organizational charts and job descriptions. These tools allow for a better understanding of an individual's function within the corporate structure.

Policy books outline what is expected of every employee and list the company rules, benefits, and procedures. A properly written policy book can help eliminate employer-employee disagreements and, ultimately, legal problems.

ABC also conducts training and sales seminars for businesses and organizations.

Employment Screening

Employment screening can be used for pre-employment purposes, or with current employees as part of a performance review or promotional decision. The results will enable you to place individuals in environments that promote success.  

Personality Profile*
*Included in Employment Screening

  CAC Human ResourcesThe Personal Profile System identifies an individual's personality tendencies - giving you the ability to identify and understand what each employee's strengths, weaknesses and motivations may be in their workplace environment. CAC Human Resources

Employee Reliability Evaluation *
*Included in Employment Screening


The Employee Reliability Evaluation assesses an individual's behavioral risks in areas such as substance abuse, courtesy, maturity, trustworthiness, and job commitment - a fabulous tool for controlling employee turnover or employment issues before they start.


Logic Evaluation *
*Included in Employment Screening

  The Logic Evaluation measures problem solving and comprehension skills - ensuring that an individual's abilities are suitable for the tasks they are expected to perform.  

Employee Handbooks

  Does your company have a current, legally compliant Employee Handbook? We can provide Employee Handbooks which will communicate company policies and benefits in a complete, concise manner to every employee. A correctly written Employee Handbook can also help to minimize the chances of your business ending up in court.  

Job Descriptions

  Job Descriptions can provide you with an ideal tool for explaining the requirements of any position - by outlining in a clear and comprehensive format the necessary skills, responsibilities, training and education that are required for each position - written in compliance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).  

Organizational Charts

  Reduce confusion and misunderstanding by providing all employees with a clear, visual display of the company's internal network and reporting structures.  

Training Seminars

  ABC also offers a wide variety of training seminars that can be customized to meet your company's specific needs. Training seminars can be conducted at our site or yours.  

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